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How the A.I. Revolution Will Impact Your Money and Investments (Mind Blowing!)

In this episode of The Personal Finance Podcast, we’re going to talk about how the A.I revolution is going to impact your money.

In this episode of The Personal Finance Podcast, we’re going to talk about how the A.I revolution is going to impact your money.

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On November 30th, 2022, there was a massive shift in the world. This massive shift was that artificial intelligence became accessible to the public through a tool called chat, G P T, and this is the crazy part. Chat, G P T. Went from zero to 1 million users in just five days. To put this into perspective, this took Facebook two years.

This took Instagram two years. This took Pinterest four months for the same results. And this took Angry Birds 35 days. Now, if you don't know what chat G p T is, I've personally used chat G P T to completely replace Google. This allows you to talk to a robot, and the robot gives you back specific answers of what your inputs are.

It is absolutely amazing and it is a really, really cool way to get your information. So say for example, on the finance space, you wanna learn all about the Roth ira, you could enter in a prompt, tell me all about the Roth IRA and chat G P T will give you a very detailed breakdown of a Roth ira. But in addition, what G P T can also do is you can say, write this in a tone that sounds like the King James Bible, and it will spit that back out in 30 seconds to you.

And this may sound like it's a simple thing, but the AI revolution is here and it's not going away, and it is actually accelerating. And what you have to learn here is you have to learn how to embrace the AI revolution. How can you actually capitalize on the AI revolution? But in addition, how can it help you manage your dollars?

That's the only way to think about ai because AI is here and it is only going to get more powerful. And so today what we are gonna be talking about is how AI is going to. Your money.

What's up everybody? And welcome to the Person Finance Podcast. I'm your host Andrew, founder of Master money.co, and today on the Personal Finance Podcast. We are gonna be talking about how the AI revolution is going to impact your money. If you guys have any questions, make sure you hit us up on Instagram or TikTok at Master Money Co.

And follow us on Spotify, apple Podcast or whatever podcast player you love listening to this podcast tune. If you wanna help out the show, leave a five star rating and review on Apple Podcast. So today, I am so incredibly excited to talk about this topic because I haven't heard anybody cover this topic yet.

And this is one that I think is going to be a massive, massive shift in the way that we manage our money and the way that we invest our dollars, and in the way that we just handle money in general. So we're gonna be talking about the AI revolution, and as you heard at the top of the show, we were talking about a tool that just came out called Chat, G P T.

And if you don't know what chat G p T is, it's a tool from Open ai. And what they do is that you can have a conversation essentially with a robot. That's the easiest way to put. And you can actually go through the process of extracting a ton of information. But in addition, this robot can also write copy for you.

They can write a tweet for you if you want them to. They can do all these amazing different things that goes way deeper than even what I'm talking about. Now. There's either coders out there who put specific code inside of chat, G P T, that they can't figure out how to fix some of the problems. Code and chat, G P T will solve those problems for them.

And there are so many more deep levels to this and it's absolutely incredible. So this is just a small part of the AI revolution, but this is the first time AI has been open to the public, whereas a lot of companies already use ai. You could think of things like self-driving cars that is using AI technology to utilize self-driving cars.

Healthcare AI is used to help doctors analyze medical image. There's customer service where AI chat bots are used. There's manufacturing where AI is used in factories to help with tasks like inspection and quality control and those different types of things in finance. We're gonna talk about those things in a minute.

In agriculture, AI is used to monitor crops and irrigation systems and yield in education. Now, AI is used to personalize learning experiences, so even now people have put grading papers. Chat, G P T and it's grading papers at a level that an instructor can be grading papers at a college instructor's level.

It's absolutely amazing a college professor's level entertainment. It's used to create music, generate content for video games, write screenplays, all of these different amazing things. You can now develop websites in a one click with AI and just tell it what you wanna do. You can develop art prints with AI and just tell it what to do.

AI is really advancing very quickly, and you can even listen to this where there is a lot of. Affluent people who have been talking about AI is actually accelerating very quickly. Now, there's two ways to think about AI here. One is you could think of artificial intelligence as something that is going to.

Be as a detriment to society. And that may be one side of it. It's a very scary thing to actually think about if you go through this process. But at the same time, you can also think of AI as a way that's really going to help you accelerate your path to becoming a better person. And that is the way I prefer to think about ai because AI is here, AI is going to be happening, artificial intelligence is going to be part of our day-to-day life, and in 10 years it's really going to be accelerating.

So we need to know how to work with it and how to understand it, and it's really gonna make a major impact on your money. Ways that I see so far. Now, there may be some negative ways as well. We're not gonna talk about the negative stuff here because we focus on the things that we control here at the Personal Finance podcast and a lot of the negativity we could push back against.

But at the same time, I wanna focus on the positive sides of this and see what we can do with our money. So, This is gonna be a really cool episode and I think you're gonna see a lot of these things happen. I'm gonna do some predictions in here. You know, I'm not a big prediction person, but I will do some predictions this here as well, just because that's what this episode entails.

And in addition, in this episode, we're gonna talk about everything that it has to do with impacting your money and your investments. And maybe we'll do some bonus on real estate as well, real estate investing, cuz I think there's some really cool use cases for real estate investing as well. So if that's something you're.

Let's get into it. All right, so the first use case we're gonna talk about is on the personal finance side. Then we're gonna go to the investing side on the second half of the show. But on the use case of the personal finance side, the first thing that's going to happen is you're gonna notice that there is going to be personal finance assistance.

So the cool thing about this is AI can be used to develop personal finance assistance to help people manage their money in a better way. Now, this is something where you can even see this happening with chat G P T. You can ask chat G p t personal finance questions and it'll spit out information. But what's going to happen once this gets better and once it starts to learn exactly.

What you want to do with your goals or your finances or how you can actually set up goals to get to the point that you actually want to get to. This is gonna be the amazing part about having these personal finance assistants. Now, on the financial assistance side, I've already seen videos come out that Google is utilizing and they're unreleased videos, which is kind of weird, but I've seen videos come out already where Google is using a personal assistant to, for example, schedule a hair appointment for somebody.

And when they do that, you can listen to the personal assistant, make a call to a hair salon, and it has a very. Human gestures and I mean, when someone says, please hold, it says, mm-hmm , and it does things like, it does very specific human gestures that are very interesting. We'll link up that video down below so that you could check that out because it's very interesting.

It goes, it sounds exactly like a person. So having this available for just scheduling appointments and your day-to-day needs is gonna be really cool. But on the finance side, on the personal finance side, this could help you pay your bills on time. This could help you manage your money in specific situations, and once it learns exactly what your goals are and once you want to do with your money, it could do pretty much anything for you so that you don't have to spend your time worrying about some of your dollars and some of these other things.

That is gonna be a very powerful thing to have at your. Fingertips because they're, it's really, really cool to have that available. It's gonna help you with your income. What if you knew how your income fluctuates seasonally, it can help you tell you that, hey, maybe your income may go down as it does typically during this time of year with expenses, when there's fluctuation in your savings or anything else along those lines with investments.

Your personal finance assistant could help tell you how you're performing. It could tell you how your net worth is impacted based on specific purchasing decisions. It could help tell you all these various things that will impact your investments, and then in addition, it can provide recommendations for how to save more money or spend more money based on your spending habits as well.

So this is some crazy stuff. It's crazy. Some of the videos that have already come out on how. This is, it's just not released to the public yet. And so it's very interesting to see how you can actually have something like this in play, a personal finance assistant that was gonna help you in your day-to-day tasks.

This can make your day-to-day life that much easier by having this in play. Now number two is budgeting apps. Now there's obviously a lot of budgeting apps that give you a lot of information. Now I love why, for example, gives you a ton of information, shows you a nice dashboard. I also like using rocket money, and what Rocket money does is it alerts you when your bills are due.

It tells you if you have subscriptions that you're not using. You with your recurring subscriptions, it'll kind of go through your money and kind of track some of the stuff that you're doing. This is one just form of how technology can help you with your money, but with AI, you can really master this stuff down and master your budgeting.

It can take how much you spend every single month, and all you have to do is tell it a couple of prompts and it'll create a perfect budget for you. Imagine, like you talk about based on your historic spending habits, if you can have a perfect budget in play with maybe some cushion there as well. Well, that's what AI is gonna be able to help you do is nail.

Stuff down where it's exact, where I talk about all the time. Budgeting is not a perfect thing. It is almost impossible to have a perfect budget, but the closer we can get to that, the more we can actually become successful with our money. So having these budgeting apps in play where you can put together a perfect budget to allow you to stop overspending, can be a really, really cool key thing that we can have there based on what your income is.

So you can say, Hey. Create my standard budget this month, but in addition, my family's going on vacation at Disney World. So make sure you add some extra capital over to that as well. And it'll just create that for you so you don't have to spend your time going line by line in, into all of those things.

So that's gonna be really cool. And the apps that are, they are developing for that are very interesting as well. The next thing is financial planning. Now you guys know that your boy is not the biggest fan of you paying a financial advisor 1%, one and a half percent, 2%. I think that you are wasting your money away by doing that, and you're spending a large amount of money on advisors that may not really be giving you the benefit, and it's a six figure decision to do that.

If you spend 1% on advisor, it's well over six figures of your income going towards that. But what if you could have a certified financial advisor that. At your's disposal, at any point in time that you want, they can recommend personalized financial planning advice. They can take into account an individual specific goal or circumstances, and they can include recommendations for things like investments, so they can recommend your investments and what you should be doing based on your risk tolerance.

You put in some inputs, they know what your risk tolerance is, and they recommend. To you. Maybe it's retirement planning. They can recommend retirement planning for you or put together a nice financial plan as well. So these are some of the key things that you can have as financial planning at your fingertips.

Maybe it's that financial assistant, maybe it's a different thing that you work with to get that financial planning in play so that you can really have this stuff dialed in. The next one, and this is an incredible one as well, is fraud detection. Now, you know, we've been talking a lot lately. Avoiding financial fraud and for very good reason because you want to make sure that you are not at the disposal of some of these fraudulent things that are happening online.

And AI can help detect fraudulent activity. It can already do this now on financial accounts or alert users of any potential issues. So you can see banks are already using this where there's AI scanning your accounts and if you have some major transaction, you've seen your bank send you a text message or an email, and it's alerting you a.

And so this is one cool thing that you can have in play as well, but they can also help protect you with identity theft and financial loss. And let's get real. All of us want robo calls to stop. So all of these different things, they can be reduced or your information can be wiped off the internet by your bot or by ai when you prompt some of these things as well.

And some of this stuff is work through, and AI is really making advancements on that side because we really do need fraud detection on that side. It's a major thing that we need because it is getting so powerful. So you gotta make sure that you protect yourself against fraud, saving money. AI is going to be able to help you save money when you're just out shopping, for example, say for example, you are out shopping and you're like, I don't know if this thing is the cheapest I can out possibly get it.

So a lot of people, what they do is they pull up Amazon and they pull up their Walmart app and they pull up their Target app and they go through all the shopping. That they can do to see if this is actually a good price. Well, what if AI could just tell you, it could help you price compare while you're shopping in the store or while you're shopping online.

Now, sure, there's a bunch of tools out there that can do that now, like honey or bricks seek or all these different things. But at the same time, what if you could do this instantaneously and know that this is the information, the exact information that you need at the very lowest price? Cause a lot of those tools, they aren't telling the lowest price.

They're telling the lowest price that they know. But what if you knew where exactly to get the lowest price? That's another very cool thing to help you find deals. You can say to ai, Hey, I am looking to buy a new pressure cooker, for example, and it's gonna find you the lowest price pressure cooker in the brand that you want, the type that you want, the size that you want.

All of these different things. So that's a very cool way to save money on the AI side as well. And then personalize recommendations. So AI is gonna be really useful when it comes to personalized recommendations for how to save money based on your specific needs, situations, and your goals. You input all your needs, situations, and goals, and it's gonna tell you, Hey, here's some ways where you can shave $5 off here, $15 here, a hundred dollars here, a thousand dollars here, and you can reduce your expenses.

Based on the things that you value, because AI is going to know what you value, and it's gonna be able to tell you back based on the things that you can value. And it can also suggest cutting expenses or maybe putting some of these money into a high yield savings account to optimize the amount of interest that you can make or optimizing this savings by putting it into investments.

It's gonna talk through all of those different things, which is really, really cool as well. And then in addition, AI can help you get out of debt as well by putting together personalized debt repayment plans. Maybe you have student loans in place and you're trying to figure out how do I get rid of these?

And speaking of that, if you do have debt, we have a free debt course linked up at Master money.co/courses. You can look at our courses and we have a free debt course for anybody in debt, but AI can help you work through putting together a debt plan so that when you have this in place, Then all you have to do is just follow that plan.

It's gonna show you how to prioritize your debt. For example, maybe you wanna prioritize high interest debt or low interest debt. It's gonna tell you how to negotiate lower rates. It's gonna show you how to take steps to pay off debt faster. It's gonna show you how to optimally pay off your debt. Like we've talked people in the past, we've talked about optimizing your mortgage pay down and how to use specific accounts to do that as well.

So that is another very cool way that you can learn exactly how you can do this. Now let's get into how AI is gonna help you on the investing side. So AI is already being used with a lot of very large investment firms, but it is going to be so much better in the near future. And there's a couple of ways we could talk about investing with this.

At first, we're gonna talk about market investing, and if we have time on the back end, we're gonna talk about real estate investing as well. So the first thing is that, AI will be able to help you with portfolio optimization. Now you can think of things like your asset allocation, for example. You wanna put together the perfect asset allocation for your risk tolerance.

And a lot of people don't know how to do this, and there is companies like Wealth Front who can help you do this. And there's companies out there that have robo-advisors that can help you do this. But this can be so much better than it even is now. So with portfolio optimization, AI can select the. Asset allocation that you need based on your risk tolerance, based on your goals, based on when you wanna retire, and kind of walk you through that stuff so that you don't have to worry about that stuff.

That's a big one as well. The next thing you could do is if you are interested in individual stocks, maybe you're interested in, you know, growth stocks or dividend investing or value investing. This is going to probably take value investing outta the equation because there's not gonna be much value left anymore because with stock picking, AI is gonna be able to tell you.

All these stocks across the board are trading below book value and or they're trading at a level that would qualify with Benjamin Graham's philosophies or Warren Buffett's philosophies and show you exactly how you can hit that mark. They have good management in place. Here's the manager score, all this different types of stuff.

So with stock picking, this could be a very major. Interesting thing that could come into play as well. In addition, obviously they have some things like this already, but at the same time it could put in financial models so that you'll be able to pick the perfect stock for your perfect situation. It's already doing some of this right now already.

The next one is risk management. Now AI can be used to monitor investments. And identify potential risks. If there's risks coming into play with some of your investments like market fluctuations, and if you are an individual investor, this can be something else could happen to play. Now, here at the Personal Finance Podcast, we love index funds and ETFs.

We're not picking very many individual stocks outside of maybe some dividend stocks, but at the same time, risk management is a mass. A part of investing and understanding how to do this. Most people, they just invest in index funds and ETFs. They're cool with it. You don't have to do any risk management, but if you're investing in individual stocks, you gotta do a lot more management of your portfolio to understand exactly what's going on.

In addition, AI can help you with personalized advice. Talking through what your goals are, how you want to get there, specific stocks, specific index funds, specific mutual funds, ETFs, and they could talk through all these different investment vehicles so that you can figure out exactly what's best for you.

Automated investing. Now you guys know when we invest our dollars, we'd love for people to automate their money, and the way we have to do it now is manually you have to go into your brokerage account. You have to set it up so. Automatically send dollars to your brokerage account, and then typically on a lot of brokerages, now you still have to go in there and manually invest the dollars every month or every other month.

If it doesn't allow you to just automatically invest none in your 401k and your IRAs, a lot of times they'll let you automatically invest. But when it comes to your standard brokerage account, you can't automatically invest right away. AI can change that. AI can change the way that you invest your dollars.

It can help you automate the exact amount that maybe is optimal for your portfolio. It could take that exact. Or maybe you say, Hey, I wanna spend as much as I wanna spend, and then I want the rest of it just to come out. Whatever I have left over at the end of the month, I want AI to take that out for me every single month.

You can have it set up to do that even, and it will know what bills are coming up so it doesn't take too much out or too little out. All of those different things so that you can have the exact maximum amount that you can get outta that account so that you can invest those dollars, get those dollars working for you as well.

So this is another powerful tool that could be utilized for AI as we go through. Automatic investing, and you guys know how important automatic investing is when it comes to building your portfolio and when it comes to doing this at the right time, because streamlining your investment process is a massive, massive thing.

Now, another way we're gonna talk about real estate here. When it comes to real estate, I think there is going to be massive implications where you can. Invest in a lot more real estate. Now, people who get a hold of some of this technology first may have a way bigger upper advantage than people who do not have this technology because the first thing is that it can help with property selection.

So finding the right property and analyzing market data and identifying properties that are within your exact criteria is going to be absolutely imperative, and AI can be able to do that. You can put in. Here's the exact data that I want you to look for, and here are properties that I want you to look for and can you spit out the information for me?

Or it can even go nationwide and do the same thing. Or imagine if AI could go and you put in cash flow numbers exactly what you want to cash flow, and it will take the rents of every property in that area, figure out what this property would actually rent for, and you can be conservative on that and it will tell you every property in the country that fits your criteria, that will cash flow that you can afford.

Imagine if you're gonna get that list instantaneous. You'd be investing in properties left and right, if you could get that list instantaneously. Finding properties is one of the hardest parts. It's one of the most time consuming parts of investing in real estate, but if you can get that information in that data instantaneously, a lot more people will probably be investing in real estate because they'll have the time to do that In addition.

Imagine if AI could also tell you as you're running your numbers, it runs these cash flow numbers for you. And as you know, when you invest in real estate, the most important thing that you have to do is learn how to run the numbers. But what if you didn't have to know how to run the numbers? Because AI would do it for you.

There'd be a lot more people entering in the market. But in addition, you could run the numbers on repairs. So when it runs the numbers on repairs, most people get repairs. And repairs are something that you really gotta nail down and understand and have experience in before you really get it right. And so nailing repairs down.

What if it could tell you exactly what the repairs would cost based on what people pay for plumbers in that area? Say you have a plumbing issue, it talks about a bunch of different plumbers. Here's how much they would charge. It gives you the plumbers phone numbers and says Here, within this proforma, here's all the plumbers numbers that you would need to call.

Here's how much they would charge for this exact. That my friends would be something that would be absolutely amazing as we go through this process as well and what AI could do for the real estate investor. In addition, it could look at local taxes, tell you how much you're gonna pay in taxes. It could look at your title company, how much exactly how much you're gonna pay in title, instead of waiting for title to tell you just by running the numbers before you even get to that point.

It could go through all of this stuff where you have your rental property numbers nailed down to a. This would be incredible, and this is what's gonna happen with AI as my prediction is that you're gonna be able to just push a button and see the exact cash flow on a ton of different properties. And AI can already do quality control.

So imagine if it could do quality control in all these houses where it's gonna be a federal requirement for AI to go into the house. It's gonna scan the house and the the house is gonna be able to detect where repairs need to be done, including repairs that nobody ever knows about. Maybe there's mold in the walls.

AI will be able to detect that and tell you exactly what needs to be done so that we all have happier, cleaner, better properties that we can rent out to other folks. Same thing with flipping. Same thing with apartments. All of these different things. It's an amazing, amazing opportunity that AI can produce, but who knows when it will roll out?

Who knows when any of this stuff could actually happen. This is something where you can see what the major impact of AI could be when it comes to investing your dollars, when it comes to your finances, and going through exactly how this could be a major impact. Now, key takeaways here. You have to embrace this.

You have to embrace that AI is happening, it is here. It is accelerating, and I've heard people, even like Elon Musk for example, you can think whatever you want about Elon. But at the same time he's been saying he thinks AI is accelerating too fast. Now he has stake in open ai, which chat G p t is under.

And so when you think through this, a lot of people who are really well ingrained in AI know it's coming, know how powerful it can be. And this is something I think is way. More powerful than any cryptocurrency or any new age thing that has been coming out as of late. AI is something that you actually have to watch, and so that is definitely something that I would be interested in and I'd be interested in watching over time because it has a major impact on your day-to-day life, and it could be coming within the next decade or so or less.

So that's what we're looking at here. They're saying that a lot of things will be coming out in the next three years that. Blow your mind. So this is a very interesting subject and I think it's something where it's gonna impact your money tremendously in terms of optimizing your portfolio, optimizing your personal finances, and figuring out how that's gonna go.

Now when it comes to income, the other side of this is that you could optimize your income with AI and figure out what are the best side hustles for me that's gonna take the least amount of time, and how much money can I make per. There's another option there with AI figuring out how much money you can make on the side with a side hustle, or how much more money you could do, or you could do business pro formas and say, how well would this business actually do within this location?

How many customers do you think would come about? And you get a much more accurate depiction of what could possibly happen with the business. I think an online business would be. Easier to actually figure out what's gonna happen there. But you could do this with a brick and mortar business as well and say how much foot traffic is going by.

If I do this based on percentages, what percentage of these people will come in and actually be customers? How much money will they spend based on their income in that area? They can go through so many different details and have so much data on this stuff. It's absolutely incredible. So there is a lot of business opportunity that is going to come up with AI as well that will impact your money if you wanna start your own business.

You can do that as well. And there's gonna be businesses that come out just because of ai. So people are fearing that a lot of people will lose their job. And that may be a possibility. It may be a possibility that certain people could lose their job, and that is something we all want to avoid. We all wanna talk through, help out and work through some of those situations.

But it also could be an opportunity where some people can start their own businesses, maybe in other industries that don't even exist yet. So there's a lot of different things where this could be a very interesting. Experience for a lot of people. Listen, I hope you guys enjoyed this episode. I hope you enjoyed this thought experiment.

If you guys have any questions, make sure you hit us up on Instagram or TikTok at Master Money Co. And follow us on Spotify, apple Podcast or whatever podcast player you love listening to this podcast tune. If you wanna hop out the show, leave a five star rating and review on Apple Podcasts. Spotify.

Thank you guys so much for listening to this episode and we will see ya on the next episode.

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Absolutely a must listen for anyone at any age. A+ work.

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Absolutely love listening to this guy! He has taken all of my thoughts and questions I’ve ever had about budgeting, investing, and wealth building and slapped onto this podcast! Can’t thank him enough for what I’ve learned!

Fun Financial Literacy Experience

I discovered your podcast a few weeks ago and wanted I am learning SO MUCH! Finance is an area of my life that I’ve always overlooked and this year I am determined to make progress! I am so grateful for this podcast and wish there was something like this 18 years ago! Andrew’s work is life changing and he makes the topic fun!


The StairwayTo Wealth

Master Your Money with The Stairway to Wealth

Learn to Invest and Master your Money

You know there’s power when you invest your money, but you don’t know where to start. Your journey starts here…

The Stairway To WEALTH

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